Swedish Towels
Wash towels that are durable, sanitary, 100% biodegradable and available in over 100 designs and colors!
Pluto Produkter
of Sweden creates whimsical rotary candle holders and Sweden-inspired practical gifts.
Gingerbread & Chocolate
Taste Nyakers Swedish gingersnaps and Carletti chocolates of Denmark.
Talla Holiday Trim
Wonderful holiday delights found throughout Northern Europe.
Logums Candles
Over 40 years of European design and candle making from Logumkloster, Denmark.
Danish Iron
Hand-forged wrought iron candle holders are crafted in the "old country" (includes matching glass).
Candle rings from Finland and candle holders for floating candles and other candle burning needs.
of Sweden - creating everlasting original design with its roots in Scandinavian simplicity.
designers and makers; the best of what’s around.
Finkbeiner Woodcrafts
handcrafted ornaments and home goods made in the Black Forests of Germany.
Reindeer Antlers
Accessories from antlers shed naturally in the forest of Northern Finland, collected humanely.
Én Gry & Sif
of Denmark designs beautiful, decorative and fun for home and gifts.
Fab Goose
blankets made using only natural and organic materials and non toxic dyes.
Scandi Rugs
Swedish rugs made in Horred, Sweden.
Egos Slippers
100% handmade, natural wool, fair trade, Danish design.
Marttiini Knives
since 1928 made in the arctic circle that represent the beauty and the toughness of the North.
Wood Handcrafts
Handmade functional pieces crafted in small workshops in Estonia.
Practic Kitchen
Great quality kitchen wares from Poland.
Bianco Blu
hand-blown glass birds and nature from Finland.
Talla's Toes
Socks made with old world techniques in Estonia.
Scandinavian Souvenirs
Vikings from all the Nordics and essentials for Scandinavian retailers and more.
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