“Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” William Morris 1834-1896


…the epitome of sustainability, as stated over 150 years ago.  In our current state of environmental and financial sensitivity, we have an opportunity to learn from our ancestors.


As a leading importer of classic and fine goods, Karl Rasmussen, proprietor of Talla Imports, begins where his ancestors left off, in small European villages. Sometimes finding the treasures right next door. Talla’s educated buyers have a talent for seeking out well designed products to enhance the daily tasks of life and elevate the aesthetic consciousness.

If you had to pack your possessions into a trunk and relocate to another land, what items would you bring with you? What would give you comfort? What would be most useful? What heirloom would become a legacy for your grandchildren? We’ve got the goods and would love the opportunity to Bring You the Best of What’s Around.


Objects of Beauty — Created with Love and Intent.


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Wholesale Distributors of

New from

Talla Imports

Grenna Polkagriskokeri

Gumselids Hantverk Gnomes

Klockargårdens Swedish Soaps

Livingly Danish Mobiles

Arctic Reindeer Antlers

Arvidssons Textiles

Baltic Amber Jewelry

Bianco Blu Finnish Glass

Danish Iron

Egos of Denmark

En Gry & Sif


Henry Pahn Wood Handcrafts

Horredsmattan Swedish Rugs

J and B Design Bark Woodcrafts

Kattinatt Swedish Wash Towels

Korunilo Finnish Jewelry

Koustrup and Co

Logum Kloster Lys Candles

Marttiini Finnish Knives

Mema Norge Jewelry

Nyakers Pepparkakor

Pluto Produkter

Pobra House of Christmas


Tinn-Per Norwegian Pewter

Weiste Finnish Christmas

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